Tips on Choosing the Best Pop Up Canopy


Tips on Choosing the Best Pop Up Canopy

Let’s have a rundown on some of the things to consider when you are purchasing a canopy. After reading ez up canopy reviews, there is every chance that when you are done with this article, you will have an idea of what to look out for when you want to purchase your next outdoor gear. Also, you will be convinced of what you should avoid.

Canopy Material

If you feel that this seems somewhat nitpicky, you need to be relaxed because this is a very important factor to consider. There is every chance you are not aware of the fact that modern fabrics are very much prone to things like water leaks and sun damage.

If you are interested in avoiding your things or yourself getting dripped on, it is advised that you settle for the best canopy in the market.

You will find that the majority of the canopies in the market will either be nylon or polyester. These two materials are very popular for outdoor use. However, they are very vulnerable to Ultraviolet damage directly from the sun.

When you are shopping for a canopy, it is best you settle for one that is coated with Ultraviolet resistant chemicals or one that is manufactured using Ultraviolet resistant fabrics. Canopies that are damaged by Ultraviolet ray tend to become fragile and grayish, and over time they fall apart and tear during storage or light winds.

The waterproof coatings on the canopies are seen as a thin plastic-like film inside the fabric. If perchance you purchased a canopy that on both sides it feels like soft untreated fabric, there is a high probability that it has no waterproof feature.


Similar to outdoor fabrics for clothing and tents, it is very much possible to have the waterproof feature on pop up canopies maintained. Durable Water Repellant or DWR finishes may be washed into your canopy, and it is important that you make use of a front loader to get this done. This is because top load washers are capable of damaging the waterproofing feature of the canopy fabric.

In addition, Spray-on coating is also a good idea. It is best you spray these chemicals on your canopy outdoors, most especially on a very sunny warm day. It is important that you allow the coating to dry before storage, else you spoil it.

Canopy Size

The aspect of the canopy size is not difficult – What you have to do is choose a size that suits the space you have available. Nonetheless, there are the certain things you should have in mind.

For craft fairs and flea market, 10 x 10-foot canopies are regarded as the standard sizes. Some festivals have already made 10-foot canopies spaces available. If perchance you go ahead and get a 12-foot canopy, for instance, you will be creating more problems for the organizer, and there is every chance they will charge you more.

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