Can the Right Music Boost Your Online Design Skills?


Can the Right Music Boost Your Online Design Skills?

Music has always been a key creative force. By simply playing different music in the background, you can tell their impact on your personal sense of flow. Make no mistake about it if you are trying to create stuff whether through writing, dictating, painting or creating stuff with your computer, your background sounds count for a lot.

Music, in particular, impacts your emotions, and you can bet that these emotional fluctuations can and do play a major role in whether you stay in a creative flow. If you design websites or you design graphics, you already know that you need to stay in a creative flow for the ideas to come quick, fast and easy.

When you are in a state of flow, all your creative engines are firing and coming up with stuff that is refreshing, new, cutting edge, or shocking isn’t all that hard. You don’t feel you are suffering from the artist’s version of writer’s bloc. The inspiration comes at you quick and easy like a summer stream or hard, fast, unrelenting, and almost breathless like a spring tornado. Regardless of how you cut and regardless of what angle you choose to look at your situation, you need to get into flow.

Unfortunately, if you’re playing the wrong kind of music, and it gets in the way of your creative juices, it may feel like you’re pulling teeth. It may feel like you are just sweating blood for each and every creative idea. Something that would have taken half an hour normally would now take you a full day or even more.

Make no mistake about it regardless of what you design, your choice of music can push you forward or hold you back and drag you down. For example, if you are a PrestaShop designer or you’re using all sorts of software to create websites, you need to be inspired. You need to be in the zone. There has to be that sense of creative flow.

Unfortunately, it’s anybody’s guess whether you would achieve that flow if you are sloppy with your musical choices. If you listen to a very discordant, disturbing and irritating music, you really can’t expect to become a PrestaShop design genius like Nguyen Vincent. It’s just not going to happen.

Mr. Nguyen Vincent has made a name for himself in the PrestaShop world, and that’s because of his tremendous creativity and inspiration. If you’re trying to operate at that level, you need a tremendous amount of creative flow. That’s not going to take place because you are listening to music that get under your skin.

By paying attention to our vinyl music collection here, you are bound to find music from the 1970s, 1980s or even 1960s that is right up your alley. This kind of music will not only soothe you but also enable you to connect the dots. Being creative and really hitting the spot all day every day requires a tremendous amount of inspiration.

Do yourself a big favor. Create the right environment for your creativity by being more mindful of your inputs.

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