Essential Guide to Buying a Hoverboard Online


Essential Guide to Buying a Hoverboard Online

When purchasing a hoverboard via the Internet, first and foremost, you should buy your hoverboard from a very reliable vendor. When you purchase from eBay, Craiglist, or Amazon, you may or may not get a quality product. These establishments just offer a platform for people to sell their products to big audiences meaning that it can be a dangerous buy, based on the nature of the seller. Even if the listing points to all of the top components, you’re depending on the honesty of the seller to get you a quality product. Here are some tips to follow when buying your hoverboard from an online retail outlet.

Remove the Cover

We strongly suggest that you remove the cover immediately you receive your hoverboard and at least, inspect the battery. There should be a sticker on it that states the country of manufacture and cell-brand. If you notice any abnormality your chances of getting a replacement or a compensation from the vendor may be limited, as you will be working via a third party and have to deal with the drawbacks associated with that. If you get your hoverboard from a store that specially deals in the product, however, there is more accountability, and you can reach the seller directly if the need arises.

Find out about the Return Policy

An establishment with quality products will be keen to flaunt it and give a beefy return policy. One month (30 days) is standard. Anything less than that, and buyer beware – you could be in danger of getting a dud.

Get a Good Battery

Require that your hoverboard has an LG or Samsung battery. An hoverboard can’t function well without a good battery, and more-so than any other thing, you have to ensure that you are getting a good battery. Batteries from LG and Samsung are safer options and will be able to endure a higher number of charge cycles compared to a generic battery designed by a manufacturer that doesn’t have a comparable quality control guideline like the aforementioned duo.

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