An Ultimate Guide to the Post-Partum Girdle


An Ultimate Guide to the Post-Partum Girdle

Based on the old concept of ‘Body Binding’ a post-pregnancy girdle is employed instantly after your baby has been delivered to put your body back into its pre-natal state so that you can have your pre-pregnancy size and also return to your pre-pregnancy clothes a lot faster. In the course of our research, we found a great list of girdles here.

The post-partum girdle functions in the same method as what’s obtainable with a normal Girdle by applying some pressure to your body in a subtle way so that it starts getting back into shape. As you start to decrease in size you then adjust the post-partum girdle to keep the pressure and continue in the same vein until you have reached your set target.

And the faster you put your girdle on after you have delivered your baby, the better the end products would be.

The girdle functions on the principle that you now possess a cavity in your body where your baby previously was and an extended frame that has to reduce. By applying subtle but constant pressure while your ligaments are still not hard, your body can easily go back to its prenatal state and sometimes even improve slightly.

The post-partum girdle will aid your back while your skeleton is still softened by the Relaxin in addition to the advantages with a reduction in your body size. As a maternity belt functions during pregnancy, the additional support on your back provided by the post-partum girdle will limit lower back pain common immediately after labor and will aid your back in the right posture. Not only will you be decreasing your size, but you will carry your post-natal body with stature and confidence.

The nature of the post-partum girdle means that it won’t stop you from carrying out your daily activities as usual. Derived from a soft flexible material, the post-partum girdle should not be painful and when you wear it under your clothes no one will even know you are wearing anything.

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