Guide to Buying the Best Sous Vide Machine under $150


Guide to Buying the Best Sous Vide Machine under $150

Professional chefs, serious home cooks, and culinary trend spotters have joined the sous vide bandwagon; a cooking technique that employs a heating element that is submerged in a vessel filled with water, in order to ensure uniform cooking. It has grown very popular in family and professional kitchens. In order to find out more about this particular cooking style, you can read more sous vide machine reviews at

In actual fact, it is a cooking style rather than an actual product. Sous vide cooking was introduced as a means of having meat, vegetables and fish preserved, over the years it has evolved into a process of having food cooked uniformly at a specific temperature without losing any of its original aroma, color, taste or fat content. The recent interest in the sous vide cooking corresponds with the drop in price and increasing array of recipes on sites like YouTube and Allrecipes

Sous vide immersion unit can be purchased at around $70, with most of the product being within the range of $100 and $150.

Owing to its ease, the sous vide style of cooking is not a trend that is likely to burn itself out of the market, rather it has been viewed by professionals and current users to being a method for use in conjunction with other finishing methods like searing and grilling. More than another thing out there, this technique allows home cooks have their guests impressed with a unique way of preparing veggies meat, fish and dessert.

The most renowned sous vide process involves the immersion unit heating up water in a contained vessel, which is most especially a large stockpot, to a specific temperature and it further maintains the temperature of the water at a particular choice of temperature for cooking.

The food to be cooked – veggies, fish, meat or whatsoever is on the menu – is placed in a vacuum sealed bag, that assist in preventing water from having direct contact with the food. Any required butter, oil or spiced are added into the bag right before it is sealed. This method of additions ensures that they are evenly distributed during the process of cooking the food.

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