Examining the Popularity of LV Handbags


Examining the Popularity of LV Handbags

The modern day handbag is much more than just a piece that assists us in carrying certain items; handbags are more like the modern accessory of this age, they assist in gracing the red carpet in designer variations that stimulate the population to pay a visit to the nearest high-end department store. Some of the high-end designers are involved with designing luxury handbags and the world are patiently waiting to see the next design that will unveil in their growing line of products. The LV handbags are one among the luxurious products that aficionados desire to own.

The birthplace of Louis Vuitton – the design house and the man – in France. It was initially a luggage trunk manufacturer, but after a period, Louis Vuitton ventured in the Luxury fashion line in late-1800s Paris. The company instantly caught the attention of the percentage of the public that was into luxurious fashion product. One of the factors that made the brand unique was the fact that they were committed to the delivery of quality to their consumers. Louis Vuitton later passed on in1982, Georges his son took over the operations just the same year that the Louis Vuitton bag was introduced into the public.

Nonetheless, in 1986 the factor that would have elevated Louis Vuitton handbag to the peak of fashion business started from a simple idea of curbing product counterfeiting. In an effort to prevent the practice of counterfeiting the Louis Vuitton handbags, George Vuitton introduced a logo that helped in boosting the brand up in the ranks of the luxurious fashion brands globally.

The pattern we all recognize easily was established and it can still be found on most LV handbags up until now – a chestnut and beige colored ‘LV’ monogram. In the period of the early 1900’s, Louis Vuitton stores were found located around the world – including London, Paris, Washington, and New York.

Over the years, there have been variations of the Louis Vuitton handbags that are being introduced to the public. Aficionados are patient to see what is new and at all times they have never been disappointed, all Louis Vuitton handbag that is released to the market is an automatic success without a doubt.

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