Buy Spotify Plays: How to Take Advantage of Spotify through Social Media


Buy Spotify Plays: How to Take Advantage of Spotify through Social Media

A lot of musicians are very good with one of the main social media platforms (Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook) at least, but they don’t know that they can transfer those skills to a platform that needs much more social interaction that you might envisage– Spotify. The buy Spotify plays service has been able to do a good job not just as a music distributor, but also installing a few usable social features around it. This is one of the characteristics that make it unique from other streaming platforms. It must be said that others have tried but failed to achieve the social aspect with as much impact on both the artist and the user.

The following is an outline of a few steps that you could take to amplify Spotify’s social aspects;

  1. Get your playlists updated with fresh songs. New content keeps your audience engaged just like what’s obtainable with other social media platforms. Updated playlists with the songs of other artists also keep the interest level in your songs high.
  2. Make social shout-outs to any artist added to your playlist. This represents good business if it’s an indie artist in particular. They would most likely return the favour thus making it a good way to be exposed to a new audience.
  3. Promote your playlists via social and newsletter. This is a very good suggestion and one that artists don’t normally consider. This is always a good topic whenever you cannot think of anything else to post or write about.
  4. Re-assess the effectiveness and efficiency of your playlist descriptions, artwork, and titles — and effect any necessary changes. These important details make a lot of difference in engagement just like anything else you do online.
  5. Request for fans to follow you on Spotify. It could be simple, but it’s another detail that’s overlooked by artists most times.

6. Pin a new playlist or song to the top of your artist discography profile. Pinning is a very good strategy on any platform. Remember to use it.

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